Regular Kigu Size

Kigus are meant to be baggy – this makes them really comfy and looks hilarious. Regular sized Kigus have been specifically designed to fit adults and big kids alike, so whether you’re 5ft or 6ft tall, a Kigu will be a perfect fit. They measure 65cm across the chest from armpit to armpit and 110cm from neck to crotch.

XS Kigu Size

XS Kigus have been designed for anyone under the height of 5ft. Measuring 100cm from neck to crotch and 60cm from armpit to armpit these are a perfect fit for kids who fall in between the largest of the Kigu Kids sizes and the Regular adults size, as well as those shorter adults who prefer a less baggy crotch on their Kigu.

XL Kigu Size

Our XL Kigus are designed for people between 6ft and 6ft 7” who want to maintain the signature baggy appearance without showing off too much ankle. They are 118cm from neck to crotch and 68cm across the chest from armpit to armpit. Remember, Regular Kigus are designed to be a one size fits all, so if the style that you like isn’t available in XS or XL then don’t worry, the regular Kigu will still be very comfortable and a good fit for you!

Kigu Kids

Our Kigu Kids range comes in two sizes – 110cm and 130cm. This measurement is taken from the top of the hood to the ankle cuff. 110cm is ideal for 3-5 year olds, while 130cm is just right for 5-9 year olds. Kigus are meant to be baggy, so we recommend sizing up to allow plenty of room for growth if your child is on the cusp of both sizes. If you fall in between the Kigu Kids 130cm size and our Regular adults size, then we recommend taking a look at our XS range, which is suitable for those under 5ft.

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