Penguin Onesie

The Penguin Onesie is possibly one of the cutest onesies on the market. With its big black bulging eyes and cute little round beak with yellow detailing, this little non-flying avian creature is sure to melt any cold and frozen heart.

What really sets the Penguin onesie apart from other onesies in the Kigu range are the removable wings at the cuffs, so that you're free to flap your wings around or just fiddle with your hands. It also has a little flappy tail, perfect to navigate in a frozen sea. See how it wiggles when you're waddling around!

The Penguin Onesie is perfect to wear in winter on a cold night chilling on the sofa, but its also perfect for outings whether it be hot or cold outside. It's a cosy alternative to a winter coat and, might we add, a much cuter alternative!

We have Penguin Onesies in our Shop in the regular size but also in our two Kigu Kids sizes. One fits kids aged 3-5 years old and the other fits 5-9 year olds. Our Penguin onesie is a perfect family outfit, especially if you're thinking about migrating to a colder climate!