Panda Onesie

The Panda onesie is a must for any far-eastern lifestyle "otaku" ("otaku" is Japanese for "obsessive") or can be the perfect gift for someone that really loves pandas! The Panda Kigu is the best Panda onesie on the market, as worn by McFly, Cara Delevigne and a host of other celebrities. We proudly give you these big bundles of warmth, comfort and adorableness.

Our Panda onesie comes in the classic panda stylings of black and white, with a really cute big eyed muzzle and a little bun tail on it's baggy backside. All of this is rounded off nicely with little black buttons, the perfect finishing touch to this awesome Panda onesie.

The Panda onesie is extremely classy with its minimalistic design and monochromatic style. You'll be the sharpest looking animal on any occasion, whether it is a fancy dress party or a sleepover bash. Exuding style doesn't mean missing out on comfort! This onesie is extra comfy and snuggly.

Our Panda onesie is also ready for the slopes, with a specially designed Panda Ski Suit Skigurumi to keep you waterproof and windproof in the snow. It's got the classic features of the usual panda onesie with an outdoor bonus.

The Panda onesie is one of our most popular products so that's why we made sure it was available to as many people as possible, no matter what age. We sell it in its regular size but we also have it in the two Kigu Kids sizes. Check out our shop and get yourself this endangered species right now.