Kigu is the exclusive UK distributor for SAZAC, Japan's most respected and successful kigurumi manufacturer. The quality of our SAZAC kigurumi is unmatched by fake and cheap imitations. Attention to important details, such as a symmetrical face, is central to all of our Kigu designs, and our use of high quality materials ensure that your Kigu will last.

    Our Kigus are made to withstand the wildest parties and years of lounging. Check out our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to see fan submitted photos of our Kigus in action.

    Now that you know that SAZAC is the way to go when it comes to kigurumi, take a look at our official SAZAC kigurumi and find the Kigu that's right for you! 


    We here at Kigu strive to provide the highest quaity animal onesies for you to wear and enjoy. We make every effort to get SAZAC kigurumi into your hands and we won't settle for anything less, but there are still plenty of imitation kigurumi out there which do not live up to the standards we provide in our proucts.

    Most of the fake kigurumi out there use thinner fabrics, are poorly sewn and do not have the lasting quality of a SAZAC kigurumi. Also, we suspect that the vast majority of these products have not been safety tested and so may not be safe for use. 

    If your kigurumi is being shipped directly from China or Hong Kong then please be careful - there's a good chance that it's counterfeit. You can always be sure you are buying the real deal by looking for the SAZAC neck label or buying from www.kigu.co.uk.


    Unfortunately, when buying online, you might not be able to tell you've purchased a fake Kigu until it arrives. Some sellers even use photos of the real deal to peddle fake goods. Once you get your hands on the product though, the diffeence is clear to see. Note the difference in fabric, the lack of hood lining, the stitching in the back of the hood, the dingy colour and the lack fo symmetry in the face leading to an often perplexed, somewhat cross-eyed expression.

    Other things to look out for are different coloured buttons, under- or over-stuffed tails, lack of baginess, lack of pockets, lack of raglan sleeves, missing ears and a lack of stuffing in the nose.