Lion Onesie

An animal onesie is the perfect costume for any type of occasion, whether you wanted to party on a night out or whether you wanted to just relax on a night in. It's a great way to come together with other fellow onesies wearers and it is a comfortable alternative to your every day clothes.

Here we have the best animal onesies and we have a great selection of animals that range from cute fluffy pink rabbits and red pandas to raging dragons and dinosaurs. While we love all of our current roster, we constantly update it with new animals, limited editions and alternate colours, so keep checking our Shop page.

What seems to be lacking in the world of animal onesies is quality and durability. That's where our onesies are different. Unlike for other shops, our onesies are sourced from Japan and are made in top quality fleece-like material which is machine washable and extra comfortable.

Comfort is a trademark of our animal onesies. They're baggy and allow you to wear clothes underneath. There is also an animal onesie for every size and age. Not only we have made onesies perfects for adults, but we made onesies perfect for kids and some XXL onesies for the taller people.


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