Kigoule Rain Poncho

The Kigoule is the perfect companion for all wet weather activity. Whether you're at a festival, on your bike or having a waterfight these animal rain ponchos will keep you dry come rain or shine.

Based on a rare Japanese rain coat, the Kigoules combine the animally-ness of a Kigu with the practicality of a traditional pac-a-mac. They are made from a high quality, breathable fabric which is rainproof to 5000mm and feature a chest pocket into which each Kigoule folds away becoming the size of a small wash bag.

Like our Kigus, we have made every effort to capture the character of each animal we have chosen to represent, so the Frog Kigoule has a pair of stand up googly eyes, while the Hippo Kigoule has a big chubby belly and the Parrot Kigoule has a pair of colourful, feather printed wings.

We have worked really hard to create a non-disposable product that will see you through wet weather for years to come. Getting wet is going to be a whole lot more fun than ever before!