Frog Onesie

Our Frog onesie is already super cute and charming. It doesn't need to be kissed in order to become a human version of itself! If you would rather have the frog than Prince Charming, then you should definitely show your frog love by getting this wonderful Frog onesie.

Our Frog onesie is all green with a red hood lining, white belly and yellow buttons. This quirky amphibian has a big smile and a cheeky gaze that, coupled with manga-like light-green cheeks, create an impressive lord of all swamps. Check it out in all its glory in our shop or simply click on the Frog onesie image on the left.

What really sets apart the Frog onesie from all of our other products are the wonderfully crafted webbed mittens that you can slip on and off. Perfect to replace boring old gloves in the winter weather. And when the rain comes in the spring, you can carry on that froggy feeling with the Frog Rain Poncho kigoule, a top quality and super handy rain cover ideal for festivals or on the go.

We are sure the Frog onesie will satisfy all your froggy needs for any occasion. If you are looking for comfort, on a day just lazing around catching flies, our Frog onesies' signature bagginess will make you feel incredibly snuggly. If you would rather hop around the pond, the elasticated cuffs at the ankles and wrists allow you unlimited movement.