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We’re looking for a pair of Kigu-wearers to crown the ‘Cutest Kigu Couple 2014′ in our second annual Cutest Kigu Couple Competition. If you think this sought-after title is befitting of you and your partner, then send us a photo of you both in your Kigus and the cutest pair will win themselves matching Kigus. These Kigus will be lovingly embroidered with the winners’ names and a heart, of course.

Points will be awarded for comedy as well as romance, and if you’ve not yet found your Mr/Mrs right then feel free to improvise as to who (or what!) your other half is – so long as there are two Kigus involved then we’re happy.

Just #cutestkigucouple @kigucrew on Twitter and Instagram, post your photos on Facebook or send ’em in to info@kigu.co.uk and the winners will be crowned on Valentine’s Day next Friday!

Just to refresh your memories, here’s last year’s winners, Katy and Ben. As if the snowy backdrop wasn’t cheesy enough, they chucked a kitten in for good measure. You can also see the rest of our favourite entries here.

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