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Categories: New Products

Much like Kigu, Ohh Deer started as a small company back in 2010 and since then their quirky designs featuring unique illustrations have rocketed them to success and made them a firm favourite in both creative circles and to an ever increasing, wider audience.
Founder Jamie Mitchell started life as an architect, but followed his passion for creativity coupled with his love of hand-drawing and went on to officially launch Ohh Deer  with his partner Mark Callaby in 2010. They have gone on to select various illustrators whose work combines many disciplines and styles and now offer a wide array of products with numerous different designs.
Many of their products feature animals, so we thought a collaboration between ourselves and Ohh Deer would be lots of fun and produce something truly unique. Animals dressed up as animals!
The four limited edition designs include: Howard the red panda wearing his Red Panda Kigu, Zhu II the panda wearing his regular Panda Kigu, the famous Grumpy Cat still grumpy but happy to be wearing his Tabby Cat Kigu, and finally Ned the Pug mixing it up and wearing his favourite Dinosaur Kigu.
We love Jamie’s work. It’s amazing. Check out http://ohhdeer.com. You can even join their T-Shirt Club and receive a new t-shirt in one of their exclusive designs right to your door each month… which is highly convenient.