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We’re feeling pretty lovey-dovey over at Kigu Crew HQ and as such, we’ve decided to give Valentine’s Day 2013 the recognition it deserves.

“What could be better than a Kigu?” we asked ourselves.  And near the top of a very short list was two Kigus, and what better time to pair up Kigus than old V-day? Twosies!

So to celebrate Valentine’s Day and underline the fact that giving a Kigu to your loved one is the boldest romantic statement you can possibly make, we’re offering £10 off any purchase of two Kigus – because when it comes to love – “to give is to receive!”

Give the love of your life the present of their life and match with them at the same time. Simply enter the code “CUTEKIGUCOUPLE” in the Kigu Shop from the 6th to the 9th February to claim your discount.

Are You the Cutest Kigu Couple?

We’re on the hunt for a pair of Kigu wearers who can be crowned as the ‘Cutest Kigu Couple 2013’. Send in photos of you and your Kigu other half to our Facebook, Twitter or e-mail info@kigu.co.uk, and the cutest will win a pair of matching Kigus!

We realise that not everyone is lucky enough to have found true love, so even if you haven’t found your life partner as of yet, feel free to improvise on who or what your other half might be. Points will be awarded for comedy as well as romance. So long as there are two Kigus involved, it’s all love.