• Kigu Ultimate Guide to Summer Festivals 2
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  • Kigu Ultimate Guide to Summer Festivals 5
  • Kigu Ultimate Guide to Summer Festivals 2
  • Kigu Ultimate Guide to Summer Festivals 3
  • Kigu Ultimate Guide to Summer Festivals 3
  • Kigu Ultimate Guide to Summer Festivals 4
  • Kigu Ultimate Guide to Summer Festivals 5



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Festival season is in full swing and is bigger than ever. With so many different types of festival covering all music genres, arts and culture, it’s no surprise that festivals have become so popular. Whether you go for the atmosphere, the music or you just love to camp, festivals are the perfect place to forget any worries and relax away from the grid for a few days.

Who goes to festivals?

Everyone! Regardless of age and musical taste there is bound to be a festival to suit you and your friends. Whether you’re in to rock, folk, indie or pop, there are UK festivals for every genre – you just need to find them.

When it comes to festivals, age is never an issue. Most will be family friendly and offer tickets for free to children under a certain age (dependant on the festival). Regardless of age, festivals promise a weekend of fun for families and friends, so pop on your Kigu and dance away this summer! Here are some of our favourite Kigu Crew festivals to help you decide on your next festival fix.

Man in Festival outfit Frog Kigu Onesie


The best festivals that all festival lovers should know about!


    Glastonbury, Worthy Farm, Somerset, 22nd-26th
    Glitter and gems at the ready! Glastonbury is undoubtedly the biggest festival the UK has to offer – but also the muddiest. Kigu wellies and Kigoules are a must at this festival to protect you from the elements! Although Glastonbury has already taken place this year, registration for next year has already opened, so make sure to get signed up before the October deadline.


Camp alongside swimming and boating lakes at Wilderness festival, as you celebrate the great outdoors with music, arts, talks and workshops. Wilderness is perfect for little ones, with an extensive programme dedicated to children including art workshops, circus and theatre shows and story tellers. Kids will definitely feel at home here in their Kigu Kids onesies.



Green Man, Brecon Beacons, Wales, 18th-21st August.

This Indie/alt-folk festival is known for its stunning views in the Brecon Beacons. It is also the perfect location to wear your Dragon Adult Kigu onesie with pride!



Bestival, Isle of Wight, 8th-11th September.

Known for its fancy dress, Bestival is the ultimate festival to wear your Kigu Onesie. We recommend the unicorn Kigu with added glitter for this one! As one of the last festivals of the summer, it certainly ends the festival season on a high, with 8 themed areas to explore over the weekend, including the Ambient Forest, the Spaceport and Bollywood Field.


Weekend Festivals for under £100:

Weekend Camping Festivals can get expensive very quickly, especially when going with the family. If you’re desperate to pitch up but can’t afford the ticket prices, here are some of the best weekend options for under £100!

Weekend camping at this rock and indie festival will set you back £80, but children under the age of 10 go free! If you just fancy popping for the day, you can pick up day tickets for £40.


Held on Morris Farm, Essex, the dance festival is just under budget at £99 for adult weekend camping. However children 12 and under are free!


This very small folk festival can be completely free!! The festival holds two ticketed events to ensure that the rest of the music played over the weekend can be enjoyed without spending a penny.


What festivals are on in July?

The only dog friendly festival we have come across at this scale! It’s worth a visit purely for this reason.


  • Latitude, Henham Park, Suffolk, 14th -17th

Fancy seeing some pink sheep? Then Latitude is the festival for you! Don your Sheep Kigu Onesie and try to blend in with the crowd…


What festivals are on in August?               

The Cornish Festival is host not only to music, but also BMX, skating and surfing.


Enter this city of Boomtown, currently host to 9 areas varying from the Wild West to China Town.


What festivals are on in September?

As festival season draws to a close, relax at with End of the Roads alternative and folk music festival.


Will new festivals be introduced in the future?

New festivals are continuously appearing as the festival scene grows. The ones we think to watch are:

Curated by Disclosure and Rudimental, wildlife is a two day festival held at Brighton City Airport. Currently in its second year, we expect big things from this non camping festival.


Although it has been running for 10 years, Kendal Calling continues to grow, starting in 2006 with a 900 capacity, this year the festival is expecting 12,000 festival goers over the three days!

Kids in Festival Rabbit and Red Panda Kigu Neck Warmers


If you’ve already got your festival line-up sorted, here are our quick tips for what to pack and how to make the most of your experience.

Pack lightly

When it comes to packing for a UK festival, campers need to be prepared for whatever the British weather sends your way. However, as you need to carry whatever you take into the festival it needs to be a relatively light bag. Make sure to pack summer clothes such as t-shirts and shorts, as well as long sleeved tops, trousers and a light jumper (or if a Kigu onesie if you’re feeling adventurous) for when gets a little chilly in the summer evenings. For kids, pack a Kigu Neck Warmer for when the sun goes down! A hat to shade your face and neck is also highly recommended to protect your skin from the summer sun when sun cream isn’t enough.

Cover the essential toiletries

For those braving a weekend without showers, wet wipes are a must! If you simply can’t go the weekend without showers then double check on the festival website as most festivals will have a shower block for campers to use. These will tend to be in the ‘family camping’ area and are likely to have queues. To avoid this, get there early morning or late afternoon, but be prepared to miss certain acts if you choose the afternoon slots. Aside from wet wipes, you’ll also need a can of dry shampoo to avoid bad hair days; not only will it get rid of any grease, it will also add volume! One last essential – don’t forget the loo roll and anti-bacterial wipes either… Trust us.

Key camping equipment

Chairs at festivals are a great idea, especially if you are camping with a group. This way you can relax in the morning whilst waiting for the group to emerge, rather than stand around in the mud. For those who want to create a communal camping area, bring along some windbreakers usually reserved for the seaside. This will deter other festival goers from traipsing through your camp. On top of this, a gazebo is a good idea if you want to keep dry and stop another campers tents from appearing when the festival is low on camping spots, however check the festival guidelines as some prefer campers not to being gazebos.

Kigu Range for Festivals of Monkey Onesie, Tiger Sleeping Bag and Owl Backpack

Festivals with kids

If you’re planning to bring youngsters first check that the festival is family friendly. Most festivals tend to have areas just for kids, such as Glastonbury and Wilderness, to keep little ones entertained, whether it’s with play areas, performances or workshops. Then to make sure the camping experience is as much of an adventure as it can be, pack your Tiger Sleeping Bags and matching Adult and Kids Onesies. The Kigu backpack is also perfect for day time supplies such as drinks and snacks in-between acts.

Kigu range for rain at festivals of Parrot Kigoule and Red Parrot Wellies

For when it rains

If you’re heading to a festival in the UK, it’s likely you’ll hit some rain over the weekend. To prepare for this make sure you pack your Kigu wellies and Kigoules to keep you dry! Plus plenty of spare clothes in case you do get caught in the rain showers.

Travelling to festivals

The greenest way to travel to festivals is of course on foot. However, unless you live very close to the festival site this is very rarely an option. If travelling by public transport, be it bus or train, make sure to check routes as there may be specific festival transport set up for festival goers taking them directly to the site. Finally if travelling by car, double check through the festival website if you need to purchase a car park ticket in advance. Also be very aware that this option may have long delays, as more than often the festival sites are on farmland. This means a lot of mud, and a lot of cars getting stuck in the mud…

Are festivals worth the money?

As far as we’re concerned, yes! Festivals are definitely worth the money for the atmosphere alone. Festivals come at all prices, with some of the smaller festivals even offering free entry. If you are on a budget and don’t fancy an entire weekend of camping, why not check out the day tickets that the weekend festivals have on offer such as Reading & Leeds Festival, 2000 Trees and Green Man Festival. There are also many single day festivals, often taking place in the cities such as Lovebox Festival in London.

If you’re heading off to a fun-filled festival with your Kigu in tow this summer don’t forget to share your best shots with us at @KiguCrew or with #KiguCrew!



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