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Categories: Creature Feature

Micropigs might be the cutest little pets in the hemisphere, rivalled only by the African pygmy hedgehog, but what happens when a micropig purchase goes awry and you end up with a regular pig in disguise?

That’s what happened to Steve Jenkins and Derek Walter – they bought a micro piglet thinking that she would stay miniature forever but she quickly began to grow, and grow, and grow! Their 3 pound little ball of cute pigginess ballooned to 690 pounds! And the pig? Her name’s Esther. She loves to lounge on the sofa and even cuddles with the family dogs.

Ultimately this unusual family are happy as can be, and not only did the couple turn vegan as a result of adopting Esther, but they’ve also set up an animal shelter after raising $440,225 on Indiegogo to help other animals.

While one little piggy might have gone to market, this little piggy definitely went home.