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Halloween, a.k.a. the biggest fancy dress event of the year, is just around the corner. Expect to find the usual devil horns, scream masks, and terrifying clown costumes wondering the streets on the lead up to the day. Rather than blend in with the crowd, stand out with our favourite picks from Kigu in the ultimate guide to fancy dress styles this Halloween. Not only will you look the part, but buttoning up in a Kigu onesie will also keep you super warm on the chilly autumn nights. Plus they can keep you cosy for film nights and duvet days in the future. A Kigu is for life and not just for Halloween…

Whether you are heading to a party, hitting the clubs or having a spooky film marathon with mates, we have the perfect outfit for all your fancy dress needs!

1. Best for #SquadGoals



Hitting the club with the squad and want to impress with matching outfits? Embrace ultimate #SquadGoals with matching Skeleton Kigus! Throw some killer moves out on the dancefloor with a coordinated look. This adult onesie will keep your bones warm and if matched with skeleton make up, the look will leave the team on fleek! Don’t forget to take a ‘Skelfie’, as if there are no pictures, it didn’t happen!

Shop the Skeleton Kigu!

2. Best for feline fierce


And the award for the sassiest fancy dress outfit goes to… The Halloween Cat! This is no ordinary cat, it’s the Kigu Halloween Cat with serious cat-titude. Follow in Beyoncé’s footsteps and embrace your inner Sasha Fierce in this sassy cat costume with all eyes on you as you strut your stuff through the crowds. Just try not to get into any cat fights…

Shop the Halloween Cat Kigu!

3. Best for standing out from the crowd


Want to stand out this Halloween? Then the Cheshire Cat is a PURRRFECT animal costume for you! With bright pink horizontal stripes, big yellow eyes and a mischievous grin, this onesie will guarantee you will be seen against the backdrop of dark and gory costumes, grinning like a Cheshire cat.  We’re all mad here after all.

Shop the Cheshire Cat Kigu!

4. Best for hanging out



Planning a movie marathon of spooky films this Halloween? Hang out in style with the Bat Kigu! The hood is perfect for pulling over your eyes and hiding behind during scary scenes, and the wings make the perfect blanket when you need to wrap up warm! Plus there’s an added bonus to this Bat onesie, complete with fearsome fangs that are sure to scare off trick or treaters!

Shop the Bat Kigu!

5. Best  for sharking around


Shark around in style this Halloween with the fintastic Shark Kigu. Dive right into the action and hunt your prey in true sharking fashion – plus with such an impressive set of teeth, you’re bound to fit in with all the gory costumes around you! This awesome fancy dress costume is great all year round and the jokes will never wear fin in this deep blue sharky attire!

Shop the Shark Kigu!

6. Best for making an entrance


Stamp out the competition for any Halloween fancy dress contest with the Dinosaur Kigu – Godzilla style! Get ready to breathe lasers and tear down the town – metaphorically of course – in this epic Halloween outfit! Scare off others with your fierce looking teeth and a stegosaurus style spine – just be careful not to knock anything over with that gigantic dinosaur tail! Not keen on the mean and green look of this dinosaur onesie? Then take a look at the powder pink twin instead!

Shop the Dinosaur Kigu!

7. Best for blending in


Blend in to any background with the Chameleon Kigu, unless you would rather be a stand up chameleon! The rainbow effect on our brightest Kigu will leave you feeling a chameleon dollars in any situation this Halloween.

Shop the Chameleon Kigu!

8. Best for everything ever.


Transform into the most magical creature in the universe for the evening. To be worn anywhere and everywhere, the Unicorn is one of the most enchanting onesies Kigu has on offer. Whether you wear the pink, purple or blue, your night will be over the rainbow out of control.

Shop the Unicorn Kigu!

9. Best for trick or treating



Be the big, bad wolf this Halloween and head out trick or treating. The real party starts when you get back and wolf down all the treats! Fingers crossed there is no full moon or you’ll find others crying with laughter while you’re distracted and howling at the midnight sky.

Shop the Wolf Kigu!

10. Best for doing nothing


For those who fancy doing literally nothing this Halloween, the Sloth Kigu is for you. Moving at a glacial pace, even if the sloth did have plans there’s no way they would make it out before the night draws in. Sloths love to sleep and so do we, so make it extra comfy with the Kigu sloth onesie.

Shop the Sloth Kigu!

Found the one you love? We have loads more Kigu products perfect for dressing up and lounging in. Browse the collection here!


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