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Categories: Eagle Eye

We always keep a beady eye out for creative projects with a sprinkling of creature, and our Eagle Eye series covers the best campaigns and projects in the menagerie.

The internet has given creativity a life of its own, and in what can only be described as the pinnacle of internet meme-dom, comes ‘the sloth film’ meme.

Satirical website The Poke created the #slothfilmposters hashtag, and from this strange but worthwhile quest was borne a cascade of gloriously slothy goodness. From Slothello to the Last King of Slothland, these images show cult films reimagined with sloths playing the leading roles.

We love sloths, and we love movies, so we’ve rounded-up of some of the best of ‘em for your viewing pleasure.
And…drumroll… in case you didn’t hear us shouting from the rooftops, we’ve suddenly become obsessed with all things slothy because this week we released a brand new Kigu: The Sloth. Buy it HERE.