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Categories: Creature Feature

We’re loving these photos of dogs mid-shake by Carli Davidson.

The photos, which show several different breeds of dog caught in the middle of the all-important ‘drool shake’, boast hilarious doggy expressions and plenty of free flying drool! As well as snapping the zany poses of the dogs, the photos also really capture the glorious movement of the saliva as it flies here, there and everywhere.

Davidson, a Portland-based photographer, first started photographing animals when she was working at Oregon Zoo, and has become known for her poignant photos of pets. These photos of canine movers and shakers were inspired by her drooly dog Norbert. The pics were featured in appropriately named photo book ‘Shake’, and there’s even a whole collection of images just featuring puppies!

If you’ve ever had the misfortune of being caught near a dog mid-shake, then you’ll appreciate these gross but loveable snaps of pooches.