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So the results are in, your bags are packed, and it’s finally the time to head off to university! It’s a wonderful time filled with new experiences, between being a teenager and an adult, where onesies are acceptable in all circumstances and you get to choose your own bed time. But before all that fancy learnin’ begins, there’s a magical week where everyone arrives, confused and excited, and desperately tries to figure out where they belong in this brave new world.

While everyone’s experience at university is going to be different, there are also some ways it’s going to be exactly the same – and the main one is that no matter where you attend, you are without a doubt going to meet these types of people.

1. The Friendly Excitable Corgi

Kigu Corgi Onesie Freshers Blog

Chances are, you’re going to run into a few Corgis in your first week. It’s their first time living away from home, and they are SUPER EXCITED ABOUT IT! It’s always fun to have these bundles of energy around and their enthusiasm is infectious. They might be the friendliest people you’ll ever meet, they’re always up for anything, and you’ll probably be best friends! For a few days anyway…

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2. The Night Owl

Kigu Owl Onesie Freshers Blog

Like a fun, dance-y vampire, the Night Owl only comes out when the sun goes down. You’ll see them every night, leading the charge to every pre-drinks, party and club, but don’t bother looking for them at the Fresher’s Fair. You won’t see them before sundown – unless of course they just haven’t gone to bed yet…

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3. The BNOC Lion that everyone knows

Kigu BNOC Lion Onesie Freshers Blog

Commonly referred to as the BNOC (Big Name On Campus), the Lion’s life is a never ending stream of high fives and hugs. Somehow, everyone on campus knows him, but no one’s really sure how. Is he in every society? It seems that way. How did he become the BNOC? You’ll never know. He just always was…

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4. The Gap Year Alpaca

Kigu Gap Year Alpaca Onesie Freshers Blog

The Alpacas have travelled the world and (clichéd as it sounds) it just changed their perspective on everything. They’re so worldly. So deep. Filled with a yogic calm and a faith in the universe. Plus, you can spot them from a mile off – they’ll be the ones in the patterned travel trousers they bought in Peru / Thailand / Ghana.

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5. The Monkey

Kigu Monkey Onesie Freshers Blog

Previously known as the class clown, this guy has now graduated and is on a mission to spread the banter. He’ll probably start a nickname for himself along the lines of ‘King Lad’, ‘Bantersaurus’ or something equally loud. You don’t have to call him this.  The monkey has his merits though – he knows how to up the ante on your night out, and with him in attendance, no house party will ever be boring!

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6. The Love Budgies

Kigu Budgie Bird Onesie Freshers Blog

You’ll meet one of these two on the first night of fresher’s and they’ll seem really cool, but don’t get too attached. Because the budgies will also meet each other, and it’ll pretty much be the last time you see them as suddenly these love birds will be all about quiet nights in and gazing adoringly at each other…

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7. The Tiger

Kigu Tiger Onesie Freshers Blog

Watch out – this tiger is on the prowl, but unlike the Budgies it’s not for long. The tiger is the smooth talking cat your mother warned you about…but that’s what university is for, right? Well, that and all the studying…

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8. The Peacock

Kigu Peacock Onesie Freshers Blog

Get ready for some serious wardrobe envy when the Peacock enters the room. How does this person always look so put together? Even after a big night out, when you’re shuffling to the kitchen in your onesie, with a face like a Louis Theroux documentary, they’ll look like they just jumped out of your Instagram feed. #NoFilter

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9. The Horse

Kigu Horse Onesie Freshers Blog

Every halls has a posh crowd, and they’re easily spotted by their uniform of colourful chinos, Barbour jackets and striped shirts. It’ll usually take the Horse a term or two to get used to life without the luxuries, and they probably have a slightly different concept of budgeting. They’re usually on the polo team, and have a fridge stocked with Marks & Spencer’s goodies at the start of every term (which makes them excellent people to make friends with).

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10. The Sloth

Kigu Sloth Onesie Freshers Blog

Zero explanation needed. You know why they’re the Sloth. They’re not the best with a deadline, and we’d probably advise you not to lend them anything you want back – especially if you’d like it back clean. When you want a day binge watching Netflix though, they’re the perfect person to share the pizza with.

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Kigu Sloth Onesie Freshers Blog GIF

11. The Teddy Bear

Kigu Teddy Bear Onesie Freshers Blog

Every friendship group needs a Teddy Bear. They’re the nicest people in the world. Their room will be filled with the comfiest things, they make the best tea, and they give the best hugs. Which you’ll need. They’ll also probably be the ones looking after you after one too many snakebites. Make sure you show this person some love.

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12. The Unicorn!

Kigu Unicorn Onesie Freshers Blog

The Unicorn is most wonderful, unique, magical being in existence. You! Go forth and spread your awe-inspiring light.

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Recognise anyone you know? If you’re heading off to halls you will soon! Don’t forget to pack your Kigu animal onesie – it’ll be perfect for all those fancy dress nights! Not to mention the morning after…







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