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Categories: News

Every Pancake day, we like to celebrate with a little competition, the Kigu Animal Pancake Decorating Competition, whereby entrants must fashion their crêpe into the shape of an animal of some description, in order to win a free Kigu!

This year, the entries were of an extremely high calibre. Participants got creative with food dye and an array of culinary paraphernalia and we saw designs ranging from a panda nestled amongst the bamboo of a traditional Chinese backdrop to 3D Octopus complete with spiky apple coral.

In the end it was pretty close and after narrowing it down to the final four, we put it to public vote (rather controversially!). It was a bloody close call with a matter of 1 or 2 votes separating each pancake but in the end we crowned Rachel Jenkins’ Owl as winner! It beat off stiff competition from a Chinese Dragon made from a dozen or so miniature pancakes, a frog created by  masterfully drawing with the pancake mixture in the pan and the afore mentioned octopus, but it seems Rachel’s mantra of keeping it simple and edible won over the Kigu Crew in the end.

Congratulations Rachel, and massive thanks to everyone who got involved, we’ll see you all next year!