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Categories: New Products

The Owl was the first Kigoule that we designed! It’s rusty orange with a contrast brown, feather print across the back and wings and a white belly. The striking pattern is complemented by a big pair of owly eyes on the hood, stand up pointy ears, and a cute yellow, stubby beak.

The silhouette is reminiscent of a hard to find Japanese rain poncho and features a tapered hem, fastened at the sides with a pair of stainless steel poppers and its facial features have been hand-appliquéd onto the hood, capturing the loveable characteristics of a Kigu.

We have worked hard to create a non-disposable product that will see you through wet weather for years to come, whether it’s at a festival, on your bike or just in a water fight! Getting wet is going to be a whole lot more fun than ever before!

The Frog Kigoule is available to buy from the Kigu shop now for £29.99!