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Categories: Eagle Eye

In our Eagle Eyes series we do a roundup of great examples of creative spark, with an animal twist.

Spotted a giraffe hanging out by the Eiffel Tower? Noticed a zebra taking a dip in the Seine? Or seen a cheetah prowling around the Arc de Triomphe?

To mark the reopening of Paris Zoological Park earlier in the year the creative folk at Ubi Bene put their noggins together and came up with a kooky strategy to promote the relaunch of this menagerie. Using giant crates marked with illustrations of animals strategically placed at popular tourist landmarks this bold PR stunt gave the impression that the exotic animals were running wild in the city. All the practical deets about the zoo’s reopening were on the side of the boxes, creating an impromptu billboard-style outdoor ad.

It’s the little details that are the cherry on top of this campaign, from the hay and sawdust lining the floor of the giraffe’s delivery bay, to the lids of the crates positioned on the floor as though the boxes were recently opened.

The zoo managed to get off to a roaring start, and as well as an ingenious way of nabbing tourist hoof traffic, the campaign is a great example of (literally!) thinking outside of the box to give an advertisement some extra oomph.