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Categories: Kigu Crew

Jo and Ellen tied the knot last week, in the first ever Kigu wedding. The pair ditched the traditional white dresses to get hitched in their favourite Kigus in a ‘weekend woodland wedding’.

Jo and Ellen first met back in 2008, while Ellen was wearing her Penguin Kigu and this clearly left a lasting impression on the couple. After getting engaged in Australia, the pair decided on an English wedding in the countryside and wanted their bridal attire to be ‘different, warm, comfortable and symbolic of who [they were] as a couple’ making Kigus the obvious choice.

The newlyweds chose to wear their ‘soul animals’, the Blue Unicorn and the Owl (you can find out what your soul animal is here) for the civil ceremony before a quick dalliance with a photographer in the woods and a big family meal at the local pub.

The wedding was absolutely beautiful and Kigu wishes Ellen and Jo all the best in their new life together.