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Kigu Ski Blog Animals

You know what they say, you can’t buy happiness but you CAN buy a ski lift pass and that’s close enough, right? At Kigu, we know Ski tour is the most exciting event of the Uni year and Wednesday night at the Union just can’t compare to those wild après ski parties. So, put down those assignments and grab your passport because we have everything you need to hit the slopes in style this winter.

With our super cute backpacks, stand-out skigurumi snow suits and iconic onesies, there’s snow way you’ll need anything else to get you from plane to piste and après to chalet.

Arrive on the mountains in style

Kigu Ski Blog Goofy

This range of backpacks is sure to be the coolest hand luggage at the airport. The Black Cat Backpack will be recognisable to everyone so you won’t lose fellow skiers as you make a mad dash for the duty free. Fit in all the travel essentials from that Kigu Travel Pillow to your fave pair of ski goggles. No man gets left behind!

Up the Instagram anti with the super photogenic Dinosaur Backpack, your #tour pics are sure to get loads of likes. That plane selfie just got a whole lot less basic.

These Backpacks aren’t just for going on ski tour though, oh no! The padded straps and strong canvas make them perfect for carrying textbooks around campus. At least all that work won’t seem so bad when you have the coolest bag at Uni.

Look on piste

Kigu Ski Blog Ski Suits


Don’t panic! That’s not a real panda flying down the piste, it’s just a fresher in a Skigurumi suit. These waterproof and windproof animal suits are great for skiers and snowboarders alike. You’ll stand out from the crowds as a tribe of dinosaurs and unicorns and have everyone at the resort wanting to be part of your squad.

Throw a Kigu Neck Warmer in your suitcase to make sure you’re the cutest skier on the slopes. These scarf and hat combos fit perfectly over helmets to transform you into a skiing tiger or snow hopping bunny. We know how chilly it gets on those chair lifts and these are the perfect remedy for frozen ears and blue lips. Plus, your friends will be able to spot you from the ground and give you a wave as you nail yet another jump!

Après ski attire   

Kigu Ski Blog Ski Monkey



When you get tired of the piste, we all know where you’re headed next. Après ski is a highlight of tour and you are going to want to look your best. The best way to take your title as BNOC to the resort, (BNOS- Big Name on Snow?) is by donning a Kigu onesie.

Our animal onesies will turn heads for all the right reasons as you party the night away. Everyone on the trip can suit up in Kigu, For the quiet one, our Chameleon onesie will perfectly reflect their personality and for the joker in your group, is anything more fitting than a Monkey Kigu?

For the ultimate fancy dress goals, you should match your look to your surroundings. We have plenty of snow creatures that were just made to be worn in the mountains. Make a statement in the Snowy Owl and Ice Wolf onesies or waddle into the club in our Penguin Kigu animal costume to show everyone you’ve come for the snow and you mean business.

At the end of the night, you might regret what you said and did at the ski lodge, but you won’t regret doing it in Kigu. You’ll be so warm and cosy that you’d party all night if you could.

Chalet and chill     

Kigu Ski Blog Ski Alpacas


Are you nursing a hangover after a wild night of partying? We even have an outfit for that. Our Pink Alpaca Kigu is made of fleecy wool that you can cosy up in the ski chalet with a warm hot chocolate certain that you’re still cute tho. Wear it on the plane home to take the edge off those pesky holiday blues as you go through all the great photos (and delete the ones that aren’t Facebook worthy).

But a Kigu is for life, not just a ski holiday. We’re pretty sure that wearing our pink Unicorn Kigu while writing your dissertation will give you the magical powers to get a First. Ok, maybe not, but you’ll definitely make everyone in the library jel with your comfy attire.

So, Kigu provides all the necessary essentials for the ultimate ski holiday. You’ll want to Instagram every moment because your Skigurumi will look perfect against that snowy white scenery. As much as we wish they could, Ski holidays don’t last forever. But you can take the good vibes back to campus with you by wearing your Kigu to the library and 9AMs for extra motivation.

Check out the full range of Adult Kigus here, and Skigurumi here.

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