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Categories: Creature Feature

There’s nothing cuter than a dog caught in the heat of the moment, and this bouncy series of photos featuring pooches caught mid-jump shows just that.

Not too long ago we covered dogs mid-slobber, and this has been trumped by this airy ‘freestyle series’ by German photographer Julia Christe, which shows pups soaring through the air, and makes us want to JUMP!

These pooches are having the time of their lives, and have the comic facial expressions and fur styles to prove it. From a Pomeranian to a Husky, this selection of high contrast photos shows various dog breeds in all their glory; flying through the air.

Seemingly floating in the frame, the grey overcast background helps the details pop from the images, whether it’s bulging eyes, a disheveled furry tail or just a raised paw. We can’t help but think that these pups look pretty impressively graceful; almost as though they were ballerinas in a former life.

We’re intrigued as to how she made them jump like that, but we’re putting out bets on a dog trampoline. BOING!