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Categories: Eagle Eye

In our Eagle Eye series, we goggle at projects and exhibitions that catch our beady eye.

Beards are undeniably the ultimate hipster guy accessory, and many a trendster would be lost without their facial fuzz.

These tongue-in-cheek posters from Schick poke fun at beardy folk by suggesting that their facial hair has ‘gone feral’. The New Zealand razor brand thinks that facial fluff has gone too far, and to prove its point it has released a poster campaign showing beards taking on a life of their own. These trendy facial warmers are a little bit different, showing adorable animals clinging for dear life onto the face of their wearers. As well as encouraging you to trim, Schick want you to post pics of hair gone wild using the hashtag #freeyourskin.

These creature-shaped beards, which look downright adorable, were dreamt up by Auckland advertising firm Y&R. Over at Kigu, we’re rather taken by these chin huggers, and are on a near immediate quest to grow our own, STAT; #freethebeard.

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