• Sleeping Bear Pancake
  • Ladybird Pancake
  • Dinosaur Pancake
  • Pug Pancake
  • Cat Pancake
  • Cat-in-a-hat-pancake



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It’s Pancake Day, hurrah! Not only does this mean it’s time to gorge ourselves on crêpes galore, but that the ‘Kigu Pancake Decorating Competition’ is here again!

There’s a free Kigu up for grabs and all you need to do to win it is make your pancake look like an animal in some way or another before topping it off with a Kigu logo so we know it’s the genuine article. Once your culinary masterpiece is complete, post a photo of it onto our Facebook, @kigucrew on Instagram or Twitter or e-mail it to info@kigu.co.uk.

We’ll pick our favourite animal-come-pancake chef and announce them as the winner! To give you a bit of inspiration, have a browse at some of last year’s entries above! Happy flipping one and all!

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