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Categories: Creature Feature

Katie Bradley has two unusual hobbies. The first is rescuing tortoises (she has seven of them right now) and the second is making them novelty cozies to keep them warm in the winter months.

This Vancouver-based crafter has crocheted a wide range of designs from snowflakes to Christmas trees, and sells both the cozies and the patterns in her etsy shop. Madly crocheting away, she’s created more than 500 of the glorious turtle outfits so far, and she also makes custom ones if you want something particularly special for your little tort.

With a self-admitted “tortaddiction”, she loves to rehabilitate tortoises. It started with a second-hand Russian tortoise, and since then she’s had many more, and she loves to create her little friends shell- suits. These turtle sweaters are perfect for the holiday season.

As well as these gorgeous Christmas-themed cozies, she also makes more general cozies such as a shark, crab, dino, bunny, pumpkin and burger cozies. Particularly popular for events and National Holidays, she has made ones for Thanksgiving, Valentine’s, and she’s even branched out to snail cozies.

You can see more of her work on her etsy shop: https://www.etsy.com/uk/people/MossyTortoise.