• behind the scenes hippo kigoule
  • behind the scenes frog kigoule
  • behind the scenes owl kigoule
  • Behind the scenes eating lunch
  • behind the scenes duck and owl kigoule
  • behind the scenes kigoule bags
  • Behind the scenes parrot kigoule
  • behind the scenes frog kigoule
  • behind the scenes group shot jumping
  • Behind The Scenes Group shot



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Hopefully by now you’ve had a nosey at our Kigoule lifestyle shoot, if you haven’t then do so immediately here! On a surprisingly sunny day in February, we gathered a few friends and their bikes and headed out to Epping Forest, with photographer Agnes Lloyd-Platt in tow (read an interview with Agnes here).

The one day we needed it to rain so we could capture the Kigoules in all their glory, it was of course glorious, sunny weather, without a drop of precipitation in sight! Nonetheless, we were still able to capture the Kigoules in their natural habitat – the Great Outdoors, as we frolicked around the streets and forests of Epping.

You can check out what we got up to in the gallery above and view the finished product here.

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