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Categories: Eagle Eye

In our Eagle Eye series we seek out the top animal themed creative projects for your viewing pleasure.

From the Killer Penguin to the Dorse, these images of animals show a plethora of new species created through the all-powerful evolution of Photoshop.

The photographs show unlikely animal pairs digitally spliced together to create comic new species with contrasting traits. A pug’s head sits atop a gorilla’s body; a guinea pig’s nose peeks out from behind a lion’s mane. A shark trots along with its new found spindly legs, swishing its mane as it gets closer to its prey.

There’s something especially captivating about the names bestowed upon these strange genetic concoctions, with the Elephuck and the Purd both fine examples of glorious nouns. Shown in their ‘natural’ environments; grass, snow and even a cityscape add extra realism to these strange mash-ups. The creator of the images, known only by their Reddit username, ‘gyyp’, admitted, “I like creating stupid animal species”.