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Categories: Events, Kigu Crew

We firmly believe that a Kigu is for life and that they are the apparel of adventurers. One of our favourite things at Kigu head office is to hear about these adventures, so we were very happy to receive this letter from Alen Monovic from Sweden, who one day, decided to go and explore the world – and he took his Kigu with him…

‘It all started back in 2010 when one of my friends recommended that our group buy animal costumes to take our silliness to another level, which of course, we thought was the best idea ever. We each chose the animal that fit our personality the best and that’s when I first realised that I am a tiger!

After spending a lot of great times in my Kigu together with my other animal buddies, I decided that I could no longer just sit around and so decided to go out and explore the world, taking my Kigu with me wherever I went.

I first wore it in the Netherlands during one of their holidays called “Carnaval” where people dress up and get silly to electronic dance music and it was a huge hit. Later the same year I ended up at the Kigu Forest Frenzy party in London which is one of the most memorable parties I have ever been to – it was an unforgettable night for me.

Europe was not enough. I needed more crazy times and I needed to go further. I ended up in New Zealand rocking around Queenstown for a while where I did one of the biggest bungee jumps in the world, as a tiger.

My Kigu even sorted me out with a job at one point. I ended up at the zoo over in Copenhagen, Denmark with the sole purpose of telling them I wanted to be close to other tigers. I hardly spoke the language but it’s not really rocket science selling ice cream and hot dogs at a zoo so all went well. My work colleagues quickly ordered themselves some Kigus and suddenly the zoo had a few more odd animals running wild causing havoc.

And then we had burning man over in Nevada, USA. After one of the most incredible weeks of my life I took a look at my Kigu, rips here and there with its tail almost falling off and covered with dust and messages written by people with sharpies. This Kigu needed a well-deserved rest.

Now it’s on my wall in the room I grew up in at my parents house, with more memories then I could have imagined an animal onesie could ever bring me. I am soon starting a cycling adventure from my home town in Sweden down to Italy and will be sure to order myself a fresh new Kigu to gather new amazing memories and meet new amazing people!

Thank you for everything. Big love.


It’s wicked to hear that Alen enjoyed such adventures in his Kigu and we’d love to hear about yours too, so drop info@kigu.co.uk an e-mail to share!