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Categories: Cool Things, New Products

Hopefully by now you’ve had chance to check out our Kigoule look book, shot by Agnes Lloyd Platt, if not then do so immediately here! We caught up with Aggy to ask her a few questions about her work as a photographer and life in general. This is what she had to say…

Can you tell us about your journey so far as a photographer?

I studied Photography at London College of Fashion, and really enjoyed the freedom of it  – being able to experiment and things. Then I graduated the summer before last, and have been doing a lot of luxury accessories and editorial stuff. I’m now moving into more clothing editorial and magazine stuff, and food as well.

When did you realise that you first wanted to become a photographer?

Well, originally as a kid I wanted to be an astronaut, up until I was about 18. Then I did art foundation in Chelsea, and from there I thought I’d do illustration but I found it a bit too self-involving. I find photography more objective, and more creative –less baring-your-soul all the time.

Going back to the astronaut bit again, I seem to remember that you actually went to astronaut school for a while?

Yeah, I did a lot of applications. I did Maths and Physics at A-Level and hopefully it could have happened. But now, watching all the programs like Gravity – I think actually, I’m fine. It’s quite terrifying, although part of me does wish I had just tried harder.

What do you think you would miss most if you were up in space?


What is it that motivates or inspires you to pick up a camera and take pictures?

Whenever I go somewhere new, even just on the bus, a lot of the time I’m looking at people or buildings and composing images in my head. I basically see snap-shots everywhere. It can be a bit stressful, as I constantly have a list of places I need to come back to, to photograph.

Also, being in London is quite inspiring as things are changing all the time. I’ve been shooting a lot of Polaroids recently. Having something instantly that’s physical is really good, because a lot of the time with photography these days you take the pictures but you don’t really pick them up or even see them.

I take photographs because I hope they will inspire other people. I like showing people a side of themselves that they don’t see. It’s really nice to photograph people who say ‘ahh I’m not photogenic’ and you take a photo of them and they’re like ‘ohh it’s actually quite nice’, that’s really satisfying.

Can you give us some information on what hardware you use photography-wise?

I have a Canon 5D Mark II, and I only really use two lenses: a nice 50mm for portraits, and a 24-70 zoom lens which I got in America really cheap. I’ve also got an Instax 210, which is a Fuji-film Polaroid camera – it’s amazing, it comes out with some really nice colours. That’s pretty much all I use. I do have some Nikon 35mm cameras, but in terms of film, these days I only really shoot Polaroid.

What advice would you give to aspiring photographers who want to make photography their profession?

It sort of depends what field, because I’m only really just figuring out what I want to do. I think, give yourself options and try out lots of different things, but don’t Photoshop too much. Also, be prepared to do boring stuff if you actually want to earn any money. I do a lot of product photography as a way of funding the editorial stuff. Finally: show people your work. I’m a terrible person for squirreling away all my work and never showing anyone. It’s really good to get feed back and it will help you progress.

Are there any photographers that you particularly admire, or are in to at the moment?

I’ve always had a thing for Deborah Turbeville, because she photographs women in a really particular way: it’s empowering without being exploitive.

Another one I think is amazing, is Joel Sternfeld he did this amazing series called American Prospects, it’s a gorgeous book, and just filled with really weird huge scenes in America.

What kind of things are you working on at the moment?

I’ve been working with a hair-stylist called Michael Douglas and we’ve been doing some quite dark, intricate hair shots.

I’ve also been working with a few designers, specifically on their collections and with London College of Fashion (LCF). LCF have a ‘Fashion Futures’ course, which is about sustainable fashion, and we did an exhibition at The Garden Museum in Lambeth, creating huge 6ft prints for it.

I’ve worked with Bernstock Speirs – the hat people, and I’ve been working with The Mighty Fine Chocolate Company, which has been really good. I did some really nice still-life, graphic images for that, and I’ve now got like a whole house full of fudge!

Oh and I also do a lot of stuff with Ally Capellino.

How did you get to know about Kigu?

I got to know Kigu through my brother who is good friends with Tom, the Founder and Managing Director, and I’ve now known Tom for about 15 years.

How did you come up for the concept for the Kigoule lifestyle shoot?

We discussed the idea of where you would wear a Kigoule, and decided that it would be in the city as well as the country. We took the idea that they were a product that people would not use just in a functional way but also for fun. We then came up with the concept of a bike ride, which is always fun!

Epping Forest is where we shot it; it’s a lovely place and not that far from London where Kigu is based. It was basically just 5 friends going for a bike ride, having a nice time.

What’s your favourite Kigoule, and why?

Oh, you’ve put me on the spot! I like the Parrot…I actually really like the Duck, but the pattern on the Parrot is my favourite.

Finally, some quick-fire questions: describe yourself in three words.

Excitable, hungry, and messy!

What’s your dream pet?

A bear. A brown bear!

Give us a piece of advice.

Always use butter, not margarine!

Tell us a joke!

What do you say to a Mexican who steals your cheese?….That’s nacho cheese!

What’s your most prized possession? 

I’ve got a replica moon light; it’s like a globe in my room which lights up. It’s got all the craters and other things on the moon, and it makes me feel small.


Another one, is a book that my mum gave me for my 12th birthday, which is a book of drawings by Charles Anastase. He really influenced my work when I was younger.


What’s your hidden talent?


What’s your favourite brand?

Probably Celine.

What’s your ideal breakfast?

A big stack of really fluffy, American pancakes with blueberries, and maple syrup, and tons of bacon.

Brilliant, thanks Aggy!

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