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When we designed the Kigoule, we wanted to create the ultimate festival waterproof, but now that they’ve arrived we’ve realised that they actually have a whole host of untapped uses that we didn’t even think about! So we put our heads together and came up with the top 8 alternative uses for a Kigoule and Tom and Katia from team Kigu, headed out to test out these newly discovered functions.

1. Hands-free Drinking Vessel


At a festival, got your Rum, got your Ting, but nothing to mix your refreshing beverage up in – time to call on your Kigoule! The fabric is water proof to 10,000mm which in layman’s terms means it’ll hold a rather large cocktail and still remain waterproof, as a result Kigoule pocket makes for a great hands-free drinking vessel!

2. Groundsheet


If you just unbutton the press studs at each side of a Kigoule, then it becomes a big square that actually makes an ideal groundsheet for use at muddy festivals/out in the park etc. They’ll keep your bum clean and dry and you can even join it up to another Kigoule to make it extra big.

3. The Bindle (aka bag on a stick)

Bindle Kigoule

After creating our very own Kigoule bindle (that’s what they are called – who knew?!) we decided that this was actually an underused implement in modern life. It was super easy to make and very handy for transporting our props around while we were out on our excursion. Our only note would be to make sure you have a strong enough stick! As you can see, ours is a little bit on the droopy side.

4. Stash Pocket


The Kigoule pockets are surprisingly roomy and actually really handy for storing all your valuables whilst still being easy to reach. Plus – no danger of anything falling out!

5. Waterfight Protection


Fairly obvious but worth a mention, Kigoules make great protection in a water fight. They are so fun and colourful that they will enhance everyone’s water fight experience no end, but they’ll also prevent any wet/see-through clothing mishaps.

6. Pillow


When packed away into their pocket, the Kigoules make a surprisingly comfortable pillow! Light to carry but pleasingly plump, this is an excellent space saving tool for festival packing. Tip: Double up for extra support.

7. Cycling


Kigoules are durable, rainproof and fold-away, which makes them the ideal rain protector for cycling.

8. Flag


Probably not the most essential of our alternative uses but a use nonetheless! Great for marking your tent, finding your friends or just cheering on your favourite act!

So there you have it – our top 8 alternative uses for a Kigoule. If you’ve discovered any of your own or think we have missed something out then please let us know by getting in touch on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram @kigucrew! You can get your own multifunctional Kigoule HERE.

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