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Categories: Must Have

Our Must Have series seeks out the coolest products out there to save you time when you’re looking for your next creature themed purchase. From Hungry, Hungry Hippos to a watering hole-style coffee table, we pick out 10 hippo must-haves to celebrate hippo week!

We can’t take our eyes off this hippo coffee table which will transform your living room into a watering hole.

These hippo lens cases are both adorable and functional!

This Yang Du hippo shoulder carrier is just our bag. Although at £455 it’s a little pricey!

And for hippo fun at bath time, there’s this neat hippo plug.

Get a hippo to hold your pencils with this lovely ROSENDAHL desk pal.

Kinder’s Happy Hippos are a tasty classic! Don’t mind if I do!

Start your day off with something unusual with the Hippo Attack Mug! Wait until you’ve drained your drink for a hip surprise!

A Hippo Sofa you say? Why yes, we’d love one! This comfy sitting device will make you stand out from the herd! Made by Maximo Riera the Hippopotamus Sofa is the same size as the real thing, so you’ll need a pretty big living room to fit it in.

The penultimate spot on our list of hippo must-haves is a childhood classic; Hungry Hungry Hippos, everyone’s favourite game as a kid, and a damn cool drinking game!

And of course, our brand new Hippo Kigu!