Animal Costumes

There’s a party animal lurking inside all of us just waiting to get out. And wearing animal costumes is the best way to release your inner beast! Slip into a Tiger, Penguin, Kangaroo or whichever animal best suits your character and feel your inhibitions slip away until you’re left with raw animal energy!

If you’re going to a festival this year, whether in the UK or abroad, animal costumes are pretty much the ideal fancy dress solution. There’s nothing better to wear whilst frolicking about in a field, trying to become one with nature. And it’s hard to describe the intense warm fuzzy feeling you’ll get from bumping into another festival goer dressed in the same animal as you! Lifelong friendships have formed this way. 

Of course, animal costumes are for more than just wearing to festivals and parties. Kigu animal costumes are perfect loungewear. They’re the ideal thing to mooch around the house in on a lazy Sunday afternoon. And if you’ve got a pet of your own, why not chill together in your animal costume. They find it most amusing.

We think Kigu animal costumes are the best around and we really hope you agree. Unlike other animal costumes made from poor quality materials which disintegrate after a couple of wears, a Kigu is built to last, made from the finest fleece which is machine washable and doesn’t go all bobbly and crispy over time. Check out our massive selection in the Shop and find the animal that’s right for you.



animal costumes