The word ‘Kigu’ is short for kigurumi, which literally translates as ‘costumed animal character’ in Japanese. Kigus, also known in Japan as ‘disguise pyjamas’, have been hugely popular in Japan for decades, where they’re worn, mainly by teenagers, as streetwear.

In 2009, Kigu became the first company to sell kigurumi outside of Asia when they brought 300 of these amazing animal onesies to the UK, kick-starting the animal onesie craze! Today, Kigu works alongside Japan’s oldest and most respected kigurumi factory to create the Kigu range you see today.

What makes Kigus truly unique is their fit. They hang loosely on the body, which makes them incredibly comfy and unrestricting. You can slip in and out of a Kigu in seconds and you can even wear your own clothes underneath!

Each of the animals in the Kigu range is lovingly represented with carefully selected facial features, prints, tails and other surprises. The Kangaroo Kigu, for instance, comes with a little joey in its pouch.

We’re constantly bringing out new designs and we won’t stop until we’ve made every living animal in Kigu form! If there’s an animal you think we should get our designers to tackle, please do let us know.

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