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Categories: Events, News

There is just one day to go before Glastonbury 2014 – the biggest and bestest festival of them all and the true beginning of the festival season. We’re sure many of you are in the throws of packing and so decided it was the perfect time to get some festival survival tips from our friends over at online festival magazine – The Field Guide. We’ve also dug out some of our favourite festival pictures from over the years which you can see in the gallery above. If you have any keepers of your own then please send ’em this way or find us @kigucrew on Instagram!

The Field Guide’s Festival Survival Guide

– To avoid struggles with unpacking, we use clear containers (hard Tupperware for liquids and ziplock bags for everything else) so we can see what we’ve packed and to avoid any rogue leaks.

– We’re sorry to say this but sadly – as per Dr Seuss – ‘it is true, that bang ups and hang ups can happen to you’. Be aware of crime at festivals. Don’t take your valuables, keep them close if you do, and if you must leave anything in your tent, we suggest a small padlock.

– Check and practice pitching your tent prior to arriving on site. Washing, drying and spritzing with antibacterial and repacking them after each festival also makes the job a lot easier the following time.

– The benefit of car-pooling is not just cutting down on fuel emission, the addition of a co-pilot makes map reading, toll paying and pre-festival merrymaking a lot easier. Who knows, you could even make some new friends before the festival starts!

– Keep your hands free for dancing and make a utility belt from elastic instead of carrying a bag!

– Leave your smartphone at home in exchange for something reliable and inexpensive. The Nokia 220 is a personal favourite – indestructible and everlasting, these phones are probably even waterproof (but we don’t suggest you test this out!).

– We cannot stress the importance of good footwear enough. DO NOT buy new shoes the day before. Whatever the weather, we pack our wellies, flip flops and a pair of trusty converse.

– You heard this one here first… zinc oxide tape (from any pharmacy) – forget blister plasters, strap up your toes from the start with this awesome tape (the military rave about it) and you’ll be dancing ’til dawn.

– Pack a handful of lemons and you’ll be laughing. Brimming with Vitamin C you can drink them in hot water in the morning or in tea at night. Also when it’s really hot, dip slivers in sugar as a refreshing and reviving snack.

– If you have one hot meal a day, make it breakfast. With the long days and even longer nights, a hearty breakfast is just the thing to revive the body and mind.

– If I could part with only one piece of advice it is this: please do not fear the medial tent. Whatever the problem, the medical team are on site to help you.

– Oh and one last thing: Gaffer tape is your friend!

Go forth and be wild,

The Field Guide Team