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Categories: Creature Feature

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With the African Pygmy Hedgehog taking the place of the micro pig as the most sought after pet around, we thought we would outline some yays and nays for getting your paws on a hedgie.

A hedgehog is for life, not just for Christmas, and there are a lot of myths surrounding our quilly little friends. All those times when you were little when your parents got you to lay out bread soaked in milk for example, that was pretty much a no no as these little prickly balls get tummy ache from dairy.

Hedgehogs need roughly the same amount of space as a guinea pig. They require a weekly clean out with occasional quick cleans where needed during the week. If you’re allergic to furry pals then hedgehogs can be a good option because they don’t tend to provoke allergies. And unlike hamsters and rats, they’re not big chewers, so you don’t have to worry too much about them gnawing away at their cage.

They can be cuddly, but they’re prickly by nature and when you handle them it’s likely you’ll get a few spikes. They tend to be quite shy and don’t seek out human friends, although with proper handling, they can make great chums.

They prefer to be nice and toasty so you’ll need to keep them in a warm environment. And don’t forget, they’re nocturnal so they like to spend their days sleeping and their nights wide awake.

And despite their out of this world cuteness, they do occasionally nip, so beware!