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Photographer Vadim Trunov has captured the amazing antics of a scurry of squirrels in the snow. This Russian nature photographer has photographed everything from squirrels seemingly building their own snowsquirrels to throwing snowballs and playing catch with pine cones.

The amazing images, which even show squirrels snapping pics of each other, really humanise these cute creatures. The shots, which must have required intense preparation and a dash of luck, are amazing examples of creative wildlife photography.

To the Telegraph Vadim commented: “I fed the little squirrel nuts which he then took and hid in the snow. I then made a snowball and put it beside him, and the squirrel ran up to it, grabbed it and picked it up. Perhaps he was looking for the nuts inside. This happened again and again, so I decided to make a small snowman to see if he would be interested. To my delight he ran up and started nibbling on the carrot which I used as the nose for the snowman, it was great to watch”.

Vadim, who is also a radio engineer, sat in the snow in wait to snap these amazing photographs.