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Recently we have been working alongside various companies to create ideas for limited edition products and as our dark green dinosaurs have been a favourite since day one, we thought we’d give them a complete make-over.

Urban Outfitters wanted to create an exclusive product with us, and we presented some colour ideas to them, so available for a limited time only we have some beautiful pink dinosaurs waiting to go to new homes. Only available from our website and selected Urban Outfitters stores.

Much like our green dinosaurs, their new pink friend features the stegosaurus-style spine, big long tail and fierce looking teeth, however they appear rather less scary than their green counterparts!

This is the 4th exclusive Kigu we’ve produced, with our previous ones including a Ginger Tabby Cat, the Red Owl and also a Purple Dinosaur. And it’s our favourite so far! Check it out in all its pink glory here: www.kigu.co.uk/pink-dinosaur. Get yours before they go extinct.