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We think it is vital to your personal wellbeing that you’re aware of the ‘Pikachu outbreak’ happening in Japan right now.

There are few images as obscure and funny as that of thousands of Pikachus jostling against each other, and such is our joy at hearing of this strange but true phenomenon, that we couldn’t help but share it with you.

The ‘Pikachu Outbreak’ event at Yokohama Minatoirai is happening between the 9th and 17th August, and involves 1,000 Pikachus appearing at various places in Yokohama. This giant sea of yellow cartoon goodness is both equal parts adorable and terrifying. Translating as “Pikachus all over the place” or “an outbreak of Pikachus” there will be more than a dozen events featuring these little guys over the week. From lifts to beaches, there are all sorts of locations that you can spot yourself a Pikachu this week.

Pokémon has come a long way since its arrival in 1996, and Pikachu, somewhere between a spark of electricity, a sneeze, and a mouse, with a dash of added cuteness for good measure, has become the franchises’ beloved mascot; with its yellow fur, spherical red cheeks and bolt shaped tail.

Although Japan is a little far to go to glimpse this multitude of Pikachus, we’re pretty excited about living it vicariously through this video.

You’re welcome!