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Categories: Eagle Eye

John Lewis has long been the pioneer of the cute Christmas advert, but this year, McVitie’s is giving Monty the Penguin a run for its money with an adorable new advert for the Victoria Biscuit Selection. Obscure, bordering on the surreal, this advert is still 100% adorable, with a side of zany.

Opening up a packet of biscuits is a pretty great feeling, and this ‘sweeet’ video is meant to bring to mind exactly that. A family wearing Christmas jumpers sit around the TV as grandpa snores away in his chair – this is a typical Christmas scene, complete with outrageous novelty jumpers and Santa hats. As the dad leans forward to open a box of biscuits the family appears to perk up a little, and more so when he opens the box to reveal a cute little pug.

The pug is followed by a litter of adorable creatures including a bunny, several kittens, a piglet, hedgehog, duckling, reindeer, and more, all of which quack, bark and meow along to the Yazoo track ‘Only You’.

This advert has a few surprises up its sleeve too, including a narwhal poking its head out from a bowl of punch. Created by Grey London, this 1 million ad campaign is sure to warm your heart this Christmas.

You can see the whole minute of cuteness below: