• Hedgehog party



Categories: Creature Feature, Events

Cute critters are our cup of tea, and we pick out the best of ‘em in our Creature Feature series.

Happy birthday to you! Happy birthday to you, happy birthday Mr. Hedgehog, happy birthday to you!

This hedgehog sure knows how to party. Like something straight out of Alice and Wonderland, this little hedgehog is having a miniature tea party with his hamster pals.

Starting with a woman baking the tiniest cake in existence, icing it in miniature then popping on an itsy bitsy candle and examining it with a magnifying lens, this tongue in cheek video wishes hedgehogs everywhere the celebration they deserve!

As the little quilly ball of fun nibbles at his birthday cake, we see the guests enjoying themselves too. Complete with teenie tiny bunting and poker chip plates, all the stops were pulled out for this wee bash.

We just love hedgehogs, and if this video wasn’t enough, then you’ll be glad to hear that we also found a hedgehog pretending to be a boat.

You’re welcome.