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Some days, it feels like the world is all doom and gloom, and then you stumble across something so freaking amazing that it gives you hope for the rest of the universe.

This little gem of awesomeness is a village of foxes. That’s right, you heard us right, a VILLAGE OF FOXES. And where is it located? Japan of course, the home of all the cutest things on earth. Complete with 6 different species of cute, the Zao Fox Village is the place to go if you love foxies. When you enter you can pay 100 yen for some food, and you can wander around and feed these wild bundles of cuteness. Hand feeding is a big no, no though as the foxes are not domesticated and are used to frolicking and playing as they wish.

How cute are they?! We’d like to teleport there, STAT.

If you like these little blighters then why not try a fox Kigu on for size?!